The World Unseen


Friday, Linda and I saw the movie The World Unseen which is being presented as part of the Toronto International Film Festival. Seats were not reserved and where served up on a first-come basis. This means standing in line before the doors open.

While we stood in line we overheard someone refer to the film as a girl picture. It was at this point I noticed that about 80% of the couples in line were women. Linda expressed some hesitation about going in, so as a compromise we found isle seats should it be necessary to make an early exit. In the end we stuck it out. It was a good movie.

What’s nice about Festival films is that they are generally introduced. This screening was introduced by the Director, Producer and Star. They say a few words, sometime a long list of thank-yous, as if they are preparing for the Oscars. But that being said, it provides a bit of a personal touch to the presentation.


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