The Cardinal’s Dinner


This evening Linda and I attended the 28th annual Cardinal’s Dinner, held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. There were over 1,800 guests [1]. There was no Cardinal.

It was a semi-formal affair, both in the ceremonies and attire. The event started with a toast to the Queen and singing O Canada. There aren’t too many events these days that include the Toast. My son’s former school likes to toast Her Majesty. Some may find it archaic. When I was younger, I thought it offered deference to tradition, a romantic link to the past. I was more romantic when I was younger. Since then I’ve moved along the scale to a point of indifference.

I had to wear a suite. I don’t think I’ve worn a suite for over 10 years. Last night I went through my inventory, selected one that seemed appropriate to the occasion, tried it on and it fit perfectly. I was quite happy about that. I had to buy a new white shirt, however.

Regardless, our table companions were most enjoyable, the food was good and the purpose was respectable.


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