Up on Leopard


Leopard was delivered today around noon, and it’s now installed. In preparation I:

  • Recorded all my product serial numbers
  • Backed up my passwords (key chain)
  • Backed up my data files
  • Verified my drives (one internal, two external)
  • Cleared logs and caches

The installation process began after I returned home from work:

  • 5:38 Loaded Leopard Installation Disk
    Read the various “read-me” files
  • 5:51 Pressed the Install Button
    DVD loaded
  • 5:54 Answer first in a series of questions
  • 5:55 Welcome Screen presented
    Selected various options
  • 5:57 Pressed the Install Button
    installation process verified the disk
  • 6:18 Installation process started
  • 7:12 System rebooted
  • 7:13 Signed on to Leopard

Everything seems to be running; Time Machine is now backing up my system.


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