File Transfer


The problem:
I purchased a couple new SD Cards and they came with some recovery software. The software was provided on a mini CD which did not fit into the CD bay for my iMac. The file is 14mb.

My work PC could read the mini CD, but due to file-size limitation I cannot e-mail a 14mb file through my work e-mail system. I tried connecting my PC to my Mac through my home LAN, but security controls on the PC prevented that connection. I tried to upload the software to my .MAC shared disk but it seems that IE 6.0 is not compatible with the javascript used on that site. Another option was to copy the software to the PC and then write a CD.

The solution:
I opened up my gmail account, uploaded the file to an e-mail, saved it as draft. I went over to my Mac, opened up the draft e-mail and downloaded the attachment.

Who says only work has to be complex.


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