Last December I attended a Gartner Conference in Las Vegas. In one of my posts on the conference I included a video of a dancing robot. The robot was from a company call BluePhoenix; I had walked by their booth on the vendor floor and in return for my business card they gave me the little blue robot.

A couple weeks ago they called back and informed me that I had won the draw for the larger version of the robot.

Now this one is a little more serious. Some features of the i-sobot:

Four modes of operation: remote-control, voice-command, special action and programming mode. The modes are selected via the “Mode” button on the controller. Commands are issued to i-SOBOT simply by pushing a sequence of buttons on the controller. Tomy provides a sheet listing all the commands that can be used for each of the modes (PDF here). Remote-control mode as it implies allows you to move i-SOBOT using the dual joystick and multiple buttons on the controller. In voice-command mode, i-SOBOT reacts to one of 10 voice-commands. In special action mode, i-SOBOT performs entertaining routines like a tropical dance or martial arts. Programming mode isn’t as involving as it sounds. In this mode, you can select a sequence of up to 80 actions for i-SOBOT to perform.

The machine is has 17 servos, a CPU and a gyro:


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