Around the Hotel


We are staying at the Wessex Hotel in Winchester.  Next door, to the south, is the Winchester Cathedral.

Winchester Cathedral
Winchester Cathedral, Winchester UK
Interior View of Stained Glass, Winchester Cathedral

Walking around the Church, and through King’s Gate, one comes to Wykeham Arms, a restaurant, where we had dinner the first night of our arrival in Winchester.

The Wykeham Arms, Winchester UK

Continuing a circle, towards the east, come the remains of Wolvesey Castle.

Wolvesey Castle, Winchester UK

Walking past the remains of the Castle, running north to south is the Itchen River.

River Itchen, Winchster UK

After the river we turn west on to High Street where we come across a statue of Alfred the Great

Alfred the Great, Winchester
High Street, Winchester

After passing the Statue of Alfred we turn left to come along the entrance to the Wessex Hotel

Entrance to Wessex Hotel


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