The Phone Don’t Ring No More


No more offers of free vacations, south or north, no windows or doors, no vent cleaning …

Or at least that’s the promise.

December 15th will be 31 days since registering on the National Do Not Call List. They advise that it takes that amount of time for the registration to be fully distributed. However, it seems to me the call volume has gone down.

Registration does not cut all calls:

Registering your telephone number on the National DNCL will reduce most telemarketing calls but there are exemptions. Canadian registered charities, political parties, and candidates are still allowed to call for donations. Newspapers may also call you to sell you a subscription. If you have done business with a company in the last 18 months or inquired about a product or service in the last 6 months the company is considered to have a relationship with you and is allowed to call you.


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