Lens Test: Itorex 80-200 f4.5


I recently purchased a new lens adapter that enables me to connect Canon FD lenses to my m4/3 camera. The mount arrived while on vacation, so Saturday I picked it up and yesterday I had a chance to try it out.

The mount was purchased from a supplier in Shanghai. The service was responsive, delivery taking about 9 days, less than the published 2-3 weeks. The adapter was well packed.

The adapter itself is constructed of aluminum and bronze, according to the web site. In comparison to the 4/3 to m4/3 adapter I bought from Panasonic this one is not as well machined. But it is less than half the price of a comparable product available from a Japanese supplier (which I will assume is of higher quality). For my purposes this adapter is satisfactory.

As the Itorex lens is pre-digital, all controls are manual. This includes focusing. Fortunately my G1 has the ability to zoom the frame being viewed by a factor of 10 but this approach tends to limit the use of the lens to stationary or slow-moving subjects and better light conditions.

My first shots were hand-held full-zoom shots of some ducks.
Lens Test: Itorex 80-200 f4.5
At lower resolution the shots look fine, blown up to 100%, they seem a little soft. However, I’m not sure if this is due to hand shake. More tests required.

I subsequently took some shots of the moon. These were done on a tripod. At infinite focus the shots are pretty blurred. I’ll have to try and determine if this is a focusing problem with the lens (or my eyes) or because of the adapter. I’ll try different f-stops as well.


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