I´ve run into some technical difficulties posting from my iPhone.  While many places advertise Internet Access, most are wireless and for some reason I´m having difficulty picking up the signal.  That means I have a couple of posts on my iPhone waiting to be delviered.

We arrived last night in Nasca (Nazca) after a 3 or 4 hour bus ride from Paracas.  Today we will visit the famous Nasca Lines. Our tour is scheduled for around 10:00. It is a 45 minute flight over the area. 

After the Lines we will take a city tour of Nasca and surrounding areas.  Tonight we have an overnight bus ride to Arequipa.  It leaves Nasca at 11 PM and arrives in Arequipa around 6:00AM.  In a yet-to-be-posted entry I´ve noted that the buses we are travelling on are all first class.  Wide seats, lots of leg room and very smooth.  I expect I will be able to sleep on the bus.


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