Nasca Aqueducts & Chacilla Cemetry


The aqueducts draw water from the mountains and deliver it some 20 kms to the Nasca valley.  Built about 1000AD they are still in use.

The engineering is quite remarkable. The acqueducts are largely underground.  Every few meters (the distance seems vary between 10 and 20 meters) there are air holes that allow the water to flow smoothly.

The ducts themselves are not straight but take a zigzag route for flow control. While the sides are made of large rounded stones, in many parts the duct is covered with tightly sealed flagstones.

To read about it one thing. To see it is another. It looks so simple and uncomplicated.

The Chacilla cemetery, on the other hand, is a miss.  You can leave after the first grave.

Open portion of channel carrying water

Air vent into underground channels

Remains at Chacilla Cemetry


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