Windows Update


I installed VMware Fusion on my Mac.  I’d like to explore virtualization, and may be use my Mac as an alternative to accessing my work.

It’s been many years since I’ve done a Windows install. But as I went through it I remembered why I switched:

Install the OS, reboot, install virus protection, reboot then try install the updates but first install a new updater then reboot then activate windows [wft] then install SP2 @78mb then reboot then check for updates then install 74 updates @84.4mb … oops … it wants to install IE 8 … pause … can’t do that; it’s not supported at the office, install of 74 updates continues 53 54 55 56 57 … reboot asks if I want WGA Notifications didn’t I do this already? I validate check for updates install SP3 @66.9mb follow installation wizard…wait…reboot…wait while it personalizes setting for IE 6…. check for updates install 12 updates @29.1mb asks if I want to install IE 7 say no because it’s not supported at the office reboot check for updates…finally, 0 updates! Download Rogers Online Protection 81.89mb.

Now for the time check:

  • Booting Windows on my Mac, running under VMware: 26 seconds until the desktop appears
  • 2 minutes and 10 second to reach the same state running on my office laptop
  • Shut down on my Mac: 30 seconds
  • Shut down on the office laptop: 1 minute 18 seconds


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