Keyhole Lake

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This was our second trip to Bigwind Lake Provincial Park.  This time we drove in a four-wheel drive vehicle.  This is necessary given the state of the “roads” through the park.  

It was a foggy day; the weather report predicted rain showers around 11:00 AM so we had just a couple of hours in the park (I didn’t want to be in the park during the rain should the roads become impassible). One of our first stops was at Keyhole Lake where, luck should have it, the tamaracks (aka larch) were shedding their needles and as a result they were a bright yellow colour.

This shot was taken on a tripod. The lens was shut down to f/22 to get as much depth of field as possible as well as the sense of dimension that comes with that.  I focused on the hyper-focal distance, which on the 90mm at f/22 is 17m.   

The shot was composed to capture the reflection of the trees.

1-843693312, 2019-02 Manufactured-Dreamscapes, 2019-Artist Residence, @VA 1-844-195 (2012 Oct PUB), Content, Event, Event - Travel, Fall Colours, Fog, Foggy, Forest, Image type, Lake, Landscape, Locale, Meadow, Nature, Other, Park, Projects, Thing, Travel, VA0001844195, Water, Waters, Weather
Keyhole Lake, Bigwind Lake Provincial Park

I processed the image  with Color Efex using the Polarization, Dark Contrasts, Bring out Detail, Brilliance and Warmth, Skylight,  and Darken-Lighten Center Filters.  The Dark Contrast filter and the Bring Out Details filter enhance the light and shadow. 

In a second step, I processed the image through Photoshop Elements using the Craquelure, Water Paper, Glass and Sponge filters.  

I’ve included images from each stage of the process to demonstrate the effects of the processing.


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