Yesterday was a gentle day, we drove north from Charlottetown to Prince Edward Island National Park, and then along the Gulf Shore Parkway to Green Gables and then south to Miscouche to spend the night.

Our goal for the coastal drive was to find the red sandstone cliffs facing the sea we recalled from our visit of 20 years ago.  While we found something similar, they lacked the magnificence our memories pictured. Whether that was through physical erosion or mental elaboration I don’t know.  But certainly now what we saw is mostly fenced off; 20 years ago it was possible to climb the rocks. 

After the coastal drive we visited Green Gables, the home of the fictional Anne Shirley.  Although it was an attraction those many years before, now there is a visitor’s centre and a whole host of visitors trappings.  As I have not read the books, the scene offered little.

For dinner we picked up some groceries and ate on the shaded deck of the B&B in Miscouche we had booked; a nice light meal in a quiet and comfortable setting.

Lighthouse on Gulf Shore Parkway
Red Sandstone Cliffs on North Shore
Beer: Just Passing Through
Green Gables


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