Book Project: #21 Title Revisited


The evolution of the book’s narrative has got to a point where I can settle on a title: 4 Generations and a Migration.  While the globalization-cultural theme remains, my preference is to leave that a little more under the covers. An interpretation for the reader to draw; developed after some reflection (if they get there).

On one level, the title simply and accurately states the contents and main narrative of the book. This is good for the reader, it facilitates quickly understanding the basic narrative.  

As well, the title mimics that of the 1994 film Four Weddings and a Funeral.  This (possibly random) referral may not be got by many, but if so, then they may mentally map generations with weddings and migration with funeral.  They may be encourage to make this linkage as weddings are a central theme of the book.  The funeral mapping requires a bit more thought.  Not to get overly metaphorical, but a funeral is the end of something and, depending on one’s belief system, the begining of something new. That is, a funeral is a transformation.   


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