The last week has been consumed by TIFF. I got an Industry & Press Conference Pass that grants access to a series of presentations, seminars, panel discussions and films.  In addition to the public film showings, there are some scheduled only for those holding industry / press passes.  For public films I am able to get free tickets the “day of” meaning that the day of the film I can pick up tickets at the box office, assuming availability.  For industry showings I simply show up 15 minutes or so before hand.  

I’ve seen one feature length documentary, Hochelaga, and two programs of Shorts (Wavelenghts: Fluid Frontiers and Short-cut Programme 3). I also attended a press conference with Eric Clapton in advance of the showing of a documentary about his life.    He’s gotten old.  The seminars were, for the most part, panel discussions with industry people, often focused on process.  Generally interesting, often humorous.  However, after three days of seminars, I now need to take a day off, and catch up on some school work.  Unlike the business conferences I have attended, when I was working, this one goes on for 10 days.  

I enjoyed the film Hochelaga as it offered an interesting representation of historical events.  Rather than presenting the story along a sequencial timeline, it structures the narrative around an archeological dig.  As the archeologists dig down and find artifacts, the film presents a recreation of the events related to the found artifact.  In this way, the story steps back though the Rebellion of 1839, a trappers lodge in the 1700’s and eventually to the first meeting between the Iroquois and French in 1535. The approach offers some ideas for my own work.

Red Carpet

However, the most relevant point to note is that I was granted an “Industry” pass, meaning I’m now part of the Film (Documentary) Industry; no longer part of the Banking / Technology Industry.  Surprisingly, I feel relieved.  


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