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  • Who is Cancelling Culture?

    Who is Cancelling Culture?

    In an article in The Hub, “Parks Canada chooses identity politics over giving Sir John A. Macdonald his due“, Senior Fellow at the Macdonald-Laurier Institute and Professor of Politics and Public Administration at Toronto Metropolitan…

  • Weeds


    The dandelion’s ability to adapt and proliferate, once valued, now casts it as unruly. Their unwillingness to stay within their space, and elbow themselves into our lawns and gardens, competing against our ornaments, speaks poorly…

  • Dandelions


    While there are species of dandelions native to North America [2][4], the one I see in my neighbourhood originated in Eurasia around 30 million years ago [4]. It was brought to North America by European…

  • The Diamond Ring Effect

    The Diamond Ring Effect

    The effect is named after the shape and sparkle emitted as the moon covers the sun: The diamond ring effects are seen when only one or two beads are left, appearing as shining “diamonds” set…

  • Baily’s Beads

    Baily’s Beads

    As the moon approaches total coverage of the sun, the last rays of light shine exhibit a “beading” effect: As the Moon covers the Sun during a solar eclipse, the rugged topography of the lunar limb allows beads of sunlight to shine through…