My attraction to this garage was not its aesthetically pleasing, replete with symbolic meaning, dilapidated state, but rather the basketball hoop. My first thought was surprise that this game had made its way to Newfoundland. Surprise because I have not thought of Newfoundland as a sports mecca. But I could be wrong as I admit to be poorly informed on this matter. Regardless, and continuing along this poorly founded line of reasoning, it made me think of how pervasive this game has become. I see if played regularly in the school yard near where we live.

I recall basket ball hoops in the gym when I went to school, but I don’t recall ever playing an organized game. We played soccer, cricket and occasionally baseball.

2019-02 Manufactured-Dreamscapes, 2019-Newfoundland-Residency, Canada, Character-objects, Daily-life, Home-and-Garden, Light-Drama, Maritimes, Newfoundland, Newfoundland-Keywords, Newfoundland-Residency, Newfoundland-Themes, Places, Projects, Roger's Cove


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