Theoretical Frameworks


For the past few months, like so many others, I have been reflecting on this whole COVID experience and trying to make sense of it, more specifically, what is the point of it all? When I get the answer, I’ll let you know.

The obvious question I face is how do you take pictures that conveys a meaning of the pandemic? Lots of people have taken pictures of people looking out of windows; people wearing masks, etc. I found myself, as I so often do, edging towards some sort of model that explains it all; some unified theory. Needless to say, many might suggest this is a fools game, and I can see that point. Yet, I persist.

It had me wondering why do I do this? It could be a result of my computer science education and subsequent career that has, over the many years, bent my mind towards a structured outlook; it could be that I find security & comfort in models because they make me feel I can better predict, interpret and respond to events; it could be some defective gene pass down through the DNA of my German heritage. 


Or, may be, that’s just the way it is.


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