Basement Archeology: Expo67 Passport


Finding my Expo67 Passport had me recall the year we moved from Vancouver, leaving when school finished in June 1967. Following a brief layover in Toronto, to visit with my grandparents, we arrived in Montreal on or about July 3, 1967. As I recall that summer now, it seems to me that my brother and I spent all our time at Expo. But I’m not sure that was the case.


The passport contains 64 stamps. In addition there are 19 stamps on extra sheets, which I have not included here.

The price of the passport was $17.50 in 1967 dollars. In today’s dollars (2021) that equates to $135.80.

Some recollections:

  • Visiting the Soviet Union’s pavilion where, without a word, a soldier grabbed my lunch bag and put it in a radar oven and cooked it. After, he handed it back and smiled, I think with pride, to say: “look what technology we have little capitalist pig”. At least that’s what I imagined.
  • Visiting the Bell Canada Pavilion and cheering when the announcer asked if there was anyone in the audience from BC. Unfortunately the wet grapes my mother had packed for lunch had weakened the bottom of the paper bag and as a result grapes went flying in every direction of the very crowded room.
  • Meeting a university student from Greece who was drinking lots of Coca Cola, because in his country they could buy only orange juice.
  • The long ride, under the St. Lawrence River from Berri De Montigny station to Ile Ste- Héléne and the heat in side the subway cars because of the rubber tires.



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