Light #1


Over the last month I have been playing with light to enhanced the sense of drama. The technique I use is light painting. I have setup in my windowless studio five flashlights that allow me to control which parts of the subject are “painted” with light, and importantly, which parts are not. Each flashlight has both a zoom capability, meaning I can increase or decrease the pool of light it makes as well as intensity settings to control the brightness.

As I rumage through the boxes and find things long forgotten, they stir both memories and a “feel” of the time. This figurine leaves me with a sense of nostalgia for the rhythm and decorum of a time long gone. Some of the paint has worn off, leaving it with a sense of age, and time.

I found it in a box of things from my mother, however, beyond that I don’t recall the history of the figurine, only that it was on display in our living room. Co-incidentally, our daughter spent many years performing rhythmic gymnastics and later aesthetic gymnastics, which has a dance component, so it’s hard to avoid recalling those times when looking at this figurine.


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