Rapid Tests


The Ontario Government has been distributing Rapid Test kit to school children and businesses. To supply the remaining population, they are handing out COVID Rapid Test Kits at pop-up centres located in liquor stores, shopping malls and transit hubs.

This morning I arrived at a near-by mall about an hour before the 9:00AM opening and waited in line. By the time I got there, there were close to 1,000 people in line. As only 1,000 kits were to be given out, the security guard warned that I may not get one. I stuck it out and was one of the last to get a test kit.

20211230-07-iPhone 11 Pro-IMG_5279.jpg
20211230-10-iPhone 11 Pro-IMG_5281.jpg

In any case, it strikes me as an odd way of distributing these things. You can’t buy them in stores; all the places I looked were backordered. Meanwhile, the usual testing centres, such as our local hospital, is fully booked for the next 10 days, and drug stores don’t even return calls or reply to reservation requests.


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