Birds Aren’t Real

I know it’s a “conspiracy theory”. May be it’s less sinister, and rather it’s just nonsense. The proponents of this “theory” submit:

The term “Birds Aren’t Real” refers to biological “Birds” no longer existing on United States soil. After the government forcibly made the entire species extinct in the 20th century, all of these real birds were replaced with surveillance drones designed to look just like Birds. To simplify- Birds no longer exist in the U.S. as a biological lifeform, thus, Birds Aren’t Real!

Birds Aren’t Real Website

My co-convener and I recently asked the members of our Photography Group to shoot pets and/or animals. As I have no pets, I have chosen to shoot the birds that visit my feeder. Clearly, if the birds were mechanical drones, there would be no need for them to feed and thus there would be no visitors. That birds do visit disproves this theory. Having said that, my brother suggested attaching a USB charging cable to the feeder.

Sitting on the deck waiting for birds.

Yet, I can’t help but feel that each time I go out into the backyard I’m being watched.


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