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Bathrooms, where utility, literature and luxury collide, are often places to read, or maybe nowadays, to scroll. Traditionally, shorter items have been preferred, such as an article in a magazine, newspaper, or even a book of poetry. Trump seems to enjoy reading top secret documents. To each their own.

Boxes are stacked in a bathroom and shower at Mar-a-Lago in a photo in former president Donald Trump’s indictment. (Justice Department/AFP/Getty)

The report, published in the The Washington Post, “We need to talk about Trump’s bathroom chandelier” by Geraldine DeRuiter, first comments on the chandelier in Trump’s bathroom, and then dives into an inquiry into hygiene, the decor, and maybe how it reflects the character of its owner. “According to interior designer Lacy Keller, who owns a design firm in Portland, Ore., chandeliers in bathrooms aren’t that unusual.”

The bathroom is also the great equalizer, as Aaron Wendelboe, professor of epidemiology at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center in Oklahoma City, observes, “I have always regarded the human acts that occur behind their doors to be the great equalizer, a moment of parity for our species.”

Incidentally, the article by Livia Gershon, a freelance writer, “Dawn of the Bathroom” published in JSTOR Daily, recounts the history of the modern bathroom.

My reaction is, judging by the amount of material, he must spend a lot of time in the bathroom.


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