Peace in Our Time


With the resounding Iowa victory of a now magananimous Trump, all signs point to a GOP nomination this summer. And later in the year a failing, demented Biden will face a resounding defeat. A blathering old idiot destined to the endless inferno of the courts of retribution. He is lucky to have just a few years of life remaining.

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This is what democracy looks like1

Hark the herald angels sing! The God-anointed leadership candidate, the second coming, is not the harbinger of the end, but that of a new beginning. A new beginning of peace and harmony, realized not by the victory of right over wrong, goodness over evil, but by acquiescence, a transactional, monetary assessment of what makes financial sense. What’s wrong with everyone being richer, or at least not poorer as a result of the destruction we see in Ukraine or Gaza.

Our path towards concordance starts with the dismantling of a bi-polar world, into a singularity; a world order not defined by false dichotomies, but by unity. Who could dispute that unity is not a desirable objective. The dismantling of NATO, and the alignment of the United States, Russian and China to become that single and united force. With this formation of a Holy Trinity all others will follow, the lambs, the meek. In the struggle between peace and freedom, we accept that the practical is more prudent than the conceptual. Give peace a chance, we all sing, as some might wonder who will lead this trinity? Is this the outcome we all expected or is this what the second coming actually looks like?

  1. See the earlier post on this same thought. ↩︎


2 responses to “Peace in Our Time”

  1. I agree with you, Bill, but only to the extent that Trump is not the cause but a consequence of what went wrong with american society before his rise. Recall that the people of Germany voted for the National Socialist Workers Party mainly because they were terrified of the rise of Communists calling for a red revolution. Hitler then came to power when Hindenburg died … . I maintain that “The people, in a democracy, have the government they deserve”. The Americans had this coming a long time. And indeed we in the West have had it coming as well. In Canada, which is my focus, we have the same bird in Trudeau, just of a different feather. Hopefully we can still stop this authoritarian at home. In any case, focusing Canadians on America’s problems only divert attention from our own problems of the same magnitude of our own ilk. Which is actually what Trudeau and his kind want you to do Ask yourself, how is the abuse of the Emergency Act by Trudeau different from Trump enabling the attack on the Capitol?

  2. The difference is I can do something about Trudeau via my vote; I can’t do anything about Trump (other than complain in posts like this). Yet both impact my life.

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