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  • Time to Reassess?

    Time to Reassess?

    After just 3 hours, the jury awarded E. Jean Carroll 83.3 million dollars in her defamation law suit against Donald Trump. Trump claims that this outcome is just one part of a broader witch hunt…

  • Peace in Our Time

    Peace in Our Time

    With the resounding Iowa victory of a now magananimous Trump, all signs point to a GOP nomination this summer. And later in the year a failing, demented Biden will face a resounding defeat. A blathering…

  • Captain Marvel

    Captain Marvel

    In the satire The problem is the human heart. It’s not guns, columnist Alexandra Petri, of the Washington Post, pokes fun at newly elected House Speaker Mike Johnson for his comment: “The end of the…

  • The Delusion

    The Delusion

    In the article “These early warning signs of dementia might surprise you, doctors warn“, written by Staff Reporter Kevin Jiang, published in the Toronto Star, among the signs that caught my attention was: Feeding into…

  • The Thief
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    The Thief

    According to Politico, Donald Trump earned over $7 million in sales, from various merchandize he sold that included his mug shot. Some have asked whether this is a copyright infringement, as Trump is not the owner of…