Battle of the Pygmies

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With the recent visit by Russian President Putin to North Korea, concern has been expressed about the recent defence pack made between those two countries.1 Both nations hold nuclear weapons and both are unstable and unpredictable.

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Cranes and Pygmies

Yet, these are both small countries, as measured by GDP:

(Billions US$)
North Korea48Bank of (south) Korea (2023) [3] [7]
Samsung53Sales by Samsung (2024) [4]
Toronto GTA270Toronto City (2023) [1]
Ontario730Wikipedia (2022) [6]
Russia2,240World Bank (2022) [2]
Texas2,600Wikipeadia (2023) [5]

They clearly punch above their weight, or maybe we are in fact punching well below ours? If North Korea can have nukes why can’t Toronto or Ontario? Certainly Texas should be eligible, especially given it’s larger than Russia.


  1. Putin and Kim Jong-un Sign Pact in North Korea – The New York Times ↩︎


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