As I’ve written before, my Uncle Bill served in the US Cavalry, medical corps, during World War 2. He was killed in the Philippines. Next April 16, 1945, marks the 80th anniversary of this event. With this in mind, I have decided to make a serious attempt at going through the letters and postcards he sent his parents and brother (my father), and if not make some sense out of it, at least preserve the material.

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Some postcards in the collection. Camp Roberts, California, is where he completed basic training.

To avoid handling the letters and postcards, I have scanned each one. Each letter has been place in a clear plastic, archival quality, envelop. There were 74 postcards and 191 letters, covering the period from November 9, 1943 to April 13, 1945, his last letter. In addition there were 26 letters related to the death, such as telegrams and letters of condolence. For each item I compile a set of metadata, including: the date, location, his section in the military and a description of the content.

To date, I have compiled the metadata for all the postcards, and for 73 letters.


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