May 16: Sonneberg Germany





The picture on the left is a view of the city. The church on the left in that picture is where my father was christened. The more usual picture of Sonneberg is of the “Schlossberg” shown in the picture on the right. A complete set of picture is located on my personal site.

This is a close up of the church seen in the picture of Sonneberg.

Adjacent to the church is a graveyard, where we found the stone for my great grandfather and grandmother and their son and daughter-in-law.

We walked around the city to try and locate the house where my father and grandparents lived. I recall seeing pictures of it, and this building seemed to strike a cord. I’ll have to try to find those old pictures to compare

One of the famous buildings in the area is the Lutherhaus named (presumably) after the famous theologian.

But alas, all things commercial take hold and it is now a “biergarten”

Sonneberg was a world famous centre for toy manufacturing, specifically dolls. The picture to the right shows a sample on display in the “Deutsche Spielzeugmuseum” (Toy Museum.) it is from the Worlds Fair held in Brussels in 1910. The photograph to the left is my Great Grandfather who owned a toy factory.


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