May 17: Erfurt Germany


The emblem of Erfurt is the two churches, the Mariendom and the Severikirche, which stand directly side by side. Both churches tower above the townscape and are accessible via huge open stairs.

Another remarkable site is the Krämerbrücke, a bridge crossing the narrow Gera River. The bridge is covered with inhabited buildings. It was built in 1325 with a church on either bridgehead – one of these churches still exists.

While in Erfurt, Linda and I found a restaurant for lunch. I was keen on having some good “Thuringian” food, prepared just as my grandmother did.

The waitress was very kind, and was quite accepting of my limited German. I explained that we wanted some good local food, but I couldn’t see what I wanted on the menu. She said that what we want is Klossen (Potato dumplings). She proposed a menu that included the dumplings, sweinbratten and spargel (May-June is asparagusas season in Germany; if you like white asparagusas this is the time to go). It was an excellent meal.


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