Flying in China


I’ve been asked by a number of people about travel, and flying specifically, in China. Some observations:

  • Planes seemed to load very fast
  • There is a wide variety of airports but those in major centres are modern however like many buildings in China some lack air conditioning
  • For the most part, equipment is modern
  • In-flight service is reminiscent of by-gone days in North America; that is they serve food, snacks, the stewards smile, are helpful and pleasant. They even serve drinks and peanuts on a 40 min flight.

The flights to and from China via Cathy Pacific were also top notch. Not only was there full service, the leg room in economy was comparable to that offered in business class on domestic routes.

But with every silver lining comes a dark cloud. Our return flight to Toronto was two rows away from two screaming children. For 15 hours we experienced the cacophony of a crying baby and a mismanaged three-year old holding regular temper tantrums. Taking children on an airplane who are unable to handle it should be strongly discouraged. Taking them on a 15 hour flight should be considered child abuse.

Departure from Shanghai Pudong
Pudong Airport in Shanghai
Departing Zhangjiajie for Guilin (through Guanzhou)
Late-night flight from Zhangjiajie

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