Sleeping Tiger


On our China trip, Linda and I regularly arose at an early hour. In Huangshan we joined a group to climb a local peak that left the hotel at 3AM. When we reached the top of the peak at around 4:30 AM there were probably several hundred people there already. 5:30AM in Hangzhou is as busy with pedestrian traffic as it is mid day. It’s not uncommon to see stores open at 6AM. City workers are on the street sweeping up the various artifacts deposited over night.

Yet it’s not uncommon to see people sleeping at “their post” at almost any time of the day. Seems a bit of a contradiction.

Tour through the Huangshi Village
Girl sleeping at her desk at a tourist spot
Walk around the park entrance
Man sleeping on bench on shopping street
Leaving Guangzhou for Guilin
Man sleeping in airport
Sliding down the peak
Man sleeping in workshop
Walking through the Tianzi Mountains
Bus driver sleeping while is passengers hike.


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