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Linda and I returned Sunday from a few days down in Miami to visit my brother and to do some bird watching. Not that I’m a birder, but I did want to take some pictures.

April is close to the end of the season; the peak seems to be in February. Yet there were still some good shot to be had.

Key learning: manual lenses are hard to focus, especially as the focal length goes up. If I really want to pursue photographing birds automatic focus is highly desireable.

Before I left I prepared a list of birds I wanted to photograph. The Great Egret was an obvious top choice. What a classy bird:
Green Cay Wetlands

Green Cay Wetlands
Green Cay Wetlands

The Anhinga may not have been at the top of the list, but at one location in the Everglades there were many of them. An odd looking bird that has the curious habit of opening its wings to let them dry.
Anhinga Trail

Anhinga Trail

The surprise capture was of an Osprey, lunching on a fish it had recently captured.

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