On our return home we stopped for three days in Columbia.  We spent two nights in Bogota and one in a little town called Paipa, known for its spas.

The flight from Lima to Bogota was scheduled to leave at 5:50AM, but it left at 5:35.  I guess everyone had boarded.

After arriving and checking in to our hotel in Bogota we took a tour of the city, visiting the main square, the gold museum followed by a gondola ride to the top of Monsurate. 

The next day we left Bogota and drove out into the surrounding area, visiting the Catedral de Sal, in Zipaquira, and then driving through Tunha, Taipa on our way to the Casa Blanca Hotel in Paipa where we stayed the night.

Our last day was partially consumed on the golf course.  It was nice to have caddies who seemed to know what they were doing and did a little more than just carry a bag.  

Later that evening we returned to the airport for our return flight to Toronto.  There’s a lot of “gates” on must pass through at Bogota airport:

Gate1: Air Canada reception made sure w had tags and suggested getting an airport tax exception (  which saved us $128,000

Gate 2: Canada Immigration. Asked us how long we were in Bogota, why we came, whether we had visited outside Bogota

Gate 3: Air Canada Check in. Got boarding pass, checked luggage.

Gate 4: entry into secure area. Check for boarding pass and passport

Gate 5: security check. Xray carry-on, check for metal

Gate 6: Columbia Emmigration. Check passport, stamp exit date and time

Gate 7: carry on search. Search carry on luggage, ask a few questions, physical body search.

Gate 8: Air Canada. Validate entry into sitting / waiting area, another xray of  luggage and body search.

Meanwhile there was the cainine patrol wandering the halls.

Artifact on exhibition at the Gold Museum in Bogota

Plaza Major Bogota

A Street in Bogota

Atop of Monserrate

City Hall on Plaza Major in Zipaquira

The Salt Cathedral


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