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I arrived home the other day to find on my desk a bag of gummy bears peacefully resting beside a bag of pfeffernusse cookies.  These ginger cookies have to be my favourite, and they come only at Christmas. 

Sadly, the gummy bears are no more, but a few cookies remain.  

Panasonic G1, Konica AR 55mm Macro

As the pfeffernusse is a Christmas cookie, I thought a little bit of sparkle would be fun, so I shot this on a textured glass plate with a depth of field sufficient to keep the cookie in focus (or much of it) while short enough to create a bokeh, which makes the light reflecting off the glass appear as the sparkles. With the 55mm macro lens I need to be within about 20-30 cm of the subject, and to get a sufficient depth of field so the cookie remained in focus I shot at f/16. I used a tripod. I set the timer release so I wouldn’t shake the camera when I fired the shutter.  


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