I’ve added a new recipe for Stew.  It’s a compendium of several recipes that selects the ingredient that suit my taste.

 I’ve recently been on a stew binge; they are easy to make; they use up a lot of stuff that may otherwise go bad; they go well with cold weather.  The only issue is they take a while to cook, up to 10 hours in a slow cooker.  I start mine in the morning.

Last evening, I made the stew using lamb.  A nice change from beef.  It went well with a Canadian [Pelee Island] Pinot Noir.  

What I like about the recipe is that it’s really just a list of ingredients; quantities are determine by what you have and what your tastebuds cry for.  Colour is another input; the carrots and peas are good for that.  Arguably the list of ingredients is just a recommendation as well.  


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