Bay Bulls


Yesterday’s main event was a boat cruise out to Gull Island, off Bay Bulls, just west of St. John’s.  Prior to the cruise we returned to Cape Spear as it was along the way. We ended the day with a walk in the area we are staying in St. John’s.

It was a sunny and warm day, the temperature in St. John’s reached 20 or so.  Thus it was a perfect day for a boat ride. The goal was (again) to see some puffins, which we did, but again even the reach of my 400mm was insufficient.  However, on the way to the island we came across to some Fin Whales; no breaches, just the fin coming out of the water, but enough to say we had seen them.  

As the cruise didn’t start until 10:30, and the weather was good, we decided to return to Cape Spear and climb up to the lighthouse. Yesterday’s blistering cold wind made that trek very uncomfortable.  

Cruise Ship
Looking East to Ireland
Lighthouse on Cape Spear
Atlantic and Pleasant Streets
Houses on Pleasant Street

Today we will drive to Argentia for the 5 PM Ferry back to Sydney Nova Scotia.  The crossing takes between 16-18 hours, and thus without WiFi I may not be able to post for a day or so.


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