Our last stop in Newfoundland was the terminal at Argentia for the ferry to Syndey Nova Scotia. Unfortunately the departure was delayed nearly 11 hours. This delay will impact our visit to Louisbourg and the Cabot Trail. 

We had dinner on board while we waited for departure; it turned out to be excellent. We all had the halibut. Halibut is a difficult fish to cook without it becoming dry and unsavory. However this chef was able to avoid that problem and deliver a juicy filet.  

At 4:00 AM the ferry departed Argentia, and arrived at Sydney at 7:00 PM local time or after 15 1/2 hours.  The first third of the ferry’s course seemed to be close enough to shore that we continued to receive a cell signal. This was a nice surprise. However, it was only until we reached Sydney Harbour that the fog lifted which was too bad because I had hoped to see  something of the landscape.

While we were last to board, we were among the first to disembark which enabled us to get to our hotel earlier than I had anticipated, which was a pleasant outcome.    

Ferry Atlantic Vision Docked in Argentia
Deck 7
Deck 7


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