Taxi Stories

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On June 27th I had the opportunity to present a second work, this time a film, as part of a series of 14 vignettes entitled Taxi Stories presented at the Harbourfront Centre.  

β€œIn this city, where more than 50 percent of the population was not born in Canada, there are many wonderful conversations and opportunities to learn about our country from people who are new, and have experienced what it is to leave behind everything that is familiar – the friends, family, cultures and environs that influenced and shaped us as people. ”

β€” Harbourfront Centre
2017-06 Taxi Project, Car, Content, Projects, Registered-Copyright (1-6159387440: 2017 unpublished works), Vehicle

The short films were displayed on tablets attached to the rear of the passenger seat in side taxis parked at the Centre. My film was entitled A Good Business, a Good Life, which summarizes the sentiment expressed by the driver I spoke with.  


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