Christmas Break


School has diverted my attention away from this blog.  But now I’m on Christmas break.  Not that it means things stop; I simple don’t have classes.  But my project work continues.  

I am regularly impressed by the detail and nuance of these things broadly referred to as the arts. I find myself often with an intuitive understanding of something, but it’s not until I look into it further that I realise the depth.

As I proceeded with my project โ€” on a multi-generational view of acculturation โ€” I became concerned that it was too weighted towards a family history and thus less broadly appealing and getting too complex.  I have found that a more poetic perspective on the problem often helps over come these challenges.  

In this case I landed on a food analogy.  Quite naively I looked at how our menu had changed over the past generations and thought it paralleled how our family had changed.  However, I was somewhat surprised by the reaction I got: it was very positive, and strongly so.  Stronger than I felt was merited. 

I looked more closely at food, by searching “food and culture“, which spewed out the usual impossible number of hits: “About 935,000,000 results (0.95 seconds).”  I quickly realised that I had stumbled onto a gold mine.  It was both exciting and concerning.  I am bolstered that my intuition is on track; disquieted by the amount I don’t understand or know.  This latter realisation is a frequent one.  

Over the coming months the course moves away from the theoretical, my comfort zone, into the practical: creating a documentary work.  No doubt I will face more moments of disquiet.  


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