I’m wrapping up my MFA work.  I completed my thesis defense last week and apparently all is good.  I need to complete some minor edits, package it all up, and then I’m done.  With luck that will be this week.

Now comes the dreaded next steps.  It’s already started. Friends ask what are you going to do next? I have a list, I say.  A list of thoughts.  Really, though, I don’t know. Too many different ideas competing for attention.  My wife wants to travel.  May be that will help me quiet the mind.  

Over the last couple years I’ve accumulated a number of books (some are older, but just a few).  I’ve read most, but some I didn’t get to. So now’s the chance.  Some I have read, but are worthy of a re-read.  Especially now that I have a different perspective on things.  We’ll see.  But before I start that, as I’ve done before any major effort since my high school days, I’ll tidy up. 

The bookshelf is a mess.  Organized for study, not for reference.  What do I mean by that? All the books I used in my thesis are together.  Now, I will likely order them alphabetically or by category, then alphabetically.  And may be I’ll make room so they all stand properly.  


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