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  • Removing Monuments

    Removing Monuments

    While monuments are not history, they can and should be held accountable to history. Monuments that perpetuate harmful myths and that portray conquest and oppression as acts of valour require honest reckoning, conceptual dismantling, and…

  • The Role of Monuments in Colonization

    The Role of Monuments in Colonization

    Monuments offer interpretations of the past and play an outsize role in shaping historical narratives and shared memory. In the service of remembering the preferred narratives of their creators, they also can erase, deny, or…

  • Colonialism


    Colonization is a process that replaces indigenous peoples’ culture with those of the colonizer and puts in place institutions and mechanisms to perpetuate it. Colonization is not simply an act of taking over physical territory,…

  • Framing Monuments

    Framing Monuments

    It is often the purpose of monuments to celebrate successes, and in doing so, to bring together the community. The issue with some is they present a single, positive narrative, and leave unsaid any negative…

  • Changing How We Interpret

    Changing How We Interpret

    What is an explanation for our different interpretations of events? Why were once acceptable things now unacceptable? A key change might be broadly encapsulated in the shift from “Universality” to the more “Contextual”; the shift…