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  • Remnants of Beryl

    Remnants of Beryl

    According to Wikipedia: “Hurricane Beryl was a Category 5 Atlantic hurricane that impacted parts of the Caribbean, the Yucatan Peninsula, and the Gulf Coast of the United States in late June and early July 2024.…

  • Campfire on Tom Thompson Lake

    Campfire on Tom Thompson Lake

    Recently we completed a three-day Moose Safari, camping two nights on Tom Thompson Lake, which is located one portage off Canoe Lake, in Algonquin Park, Ontario. This is the campfire we made the first evening.…

  • Expressions in the Pause

    Expressions in the Pause

    This project started with a picture taken April 4, 2013 and continued for over 10 years. It started by accident. Like so many other things, serendipity stepped in, and shone light on a course otherwise…

  • Dinner Time at the Bird Feeder

    Dinner Time at the Bird Feeder

    After a very mild winter, with only two snowfalls of note, we are visited by a flurry on the first full day of Spring. This 6 minute and 28 second video records a succession of…