Trucker’s Protests – Toronto Edition #2


I exited the subway car at Queen’s Park Station and climbed the stairs to the ground level. There I immediately noticed the increased police presence. Finding a seat, I sat down to unpack my camera equipment and mount my lenses. To establish my role, I slung the camera bag and three camera bodies over my shoulders, and exited the station on to College Street.

The streets were quiet; all were blocked by police cars. There was no other traffic. The bulk of the people on the street were police officers, photographers and film crews, with just a few protesters making their way north towards the Legislature Building at Queen’s Park.

I made my way up to the Legislature Buildings at Queen’s Park, where there were just a few protesters gathered
Soon after, more people started to arrive, many carrying flags, some carrying signs
While the crowd was growing, it was slow, and I was surprised how small it was. But then they started to move, leaving their position at the front of the Legislature Buildings, they moved to the Park behind, on the north side of the building.
As we reached the park, I could see this is where the much larger crowd had gathered, amid the trees and around the statue of King Edward VII.

I walked further north from Queen’s Park to Bloor, where I found that intersection blocked by a truck, with a second following later. These were the only trucks I saw that day.

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