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  • John A. MacDonald vs. George Washington

    John A. MacDonald vs. George Washington

    Though not contemporaries, they are both recognized as Fathers of a nation: George Washington for those United States and John A. MacDonald as Canada’s Father of Confederation. Like any historical figure, each of these men…

  • Commercial Work

    Commercial Work

    Product Photography

  • Analyzing vs Experiencing the Dreamscape

    My current project is an exploration into travel that I intend here requires understanding a bit more digging. Again, drawing upon the work Qualitative Research in Tourism : Ontologies, Epistemologies and Methodologies, edited by Lisa…

  • Port aux Basques

    Port aux Basques

    We’ve arrived in Newfoundland. As we were among the first to load, we will be among the last to depart.  It means a little more time to finish breakfast.  The crossing was very smooth; it…

  • Middle Kingdom

    Middle Kingdom

    It had been our intention yesterday to drive only to Fredericton New Brunswick but as fate would have it I couldn’t find a hotel to our exacting specifications. There was one however in Moncton. So…